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Kathmandu During Losar Festival – 2023

While in Kathmandu for the Dorje Drolo Puja and Teachings, members of the Yongey Buddhist Center visited several temples and schools during the Losar festival.  On Losar (New Year’s Day) the members were invited to the Tsoknyi Gechak Ling Nunnery to attended the festival luncheon and meet with Tsoknyi Rinpoche and family.  Offerings were made on behalf of the Center to the nunnery and school.

The following day the group visited the Great Boudha Stupa at Boudhanath and also met with Dr. Meyrav Mor, director of Abiding Heart Education.  Meyrav described Abiding Heart’s Primary and Kindergarten Teacher Training and thanked the Center for it’s continuing support of this vital program in the Himalayan Region.

Before departing Kathmandu, the members visited the Mahabuddha Temple in Patan to meet with the Preservation Committee and make offerings.  The Center announced the establishment of a perpetual fund for the lighting of butter lamps at the Temple as part of its continuing support.  While at the temple, the members visited the holy Vajra Yogini chapel and the enshrined Vidyadhari (flying) Vajra Yogini statue.  This shrine is over 500 years old and is believed to have special significance to the Late Dorje Palmo.


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