Dorje Palmo

President’s New Year Message

Tashi Delek and a Very Happy New Year!

Our dear Guru Mingyur Rinpoche recently wrote a letter to his mother and family, his monasteries, and to all his students while on his retreat. He assured us that he is in good health and doing well in his practice and that his experience is flourishing. He asks that we persevere in our practice of loving kindness and compassion, to do as much retreat as we can regardless of how long or short, and to not forget to practice every day of our lives, making friends with all adversities and taking whatever happens onto the path. Our dear Guru assured us that he will always keep us in his heart and in his prayers and that soon we will all meet and be together again.

The Center follows our Guru’s guidance by holding weekly chanting and meditation services and also conducting short retreats on weekends. I encourage you to come join us at the Center here in Milpitas and also the Branches in New York and Brazil. You can find our schedule of weekly activities here on our website.

I want to express my deepest appreciation for everyone’s help and support this past year and I encourage you to continue under our Guru’s guidance with the same enthusiasm and diligence this coming New Year. Please know that we are always in our Guru’s prayers and in his heart.

May peace, health and prosperity be with you.
Your Dharma Sister,
Dorje Palmo

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