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Nepal Trip 2012

In October Dorje Palmo and her husband escorted a group from the Yongey Buddhist Center on a special tour of Nepal. The group visited many Buddhist sites as well as Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s monastery, Tergar Oseling. Dorje Palmo’s husband, Dwayne, describes the tour…

Upon arrival in Kathmandu we first visited our Guru’s Tergar Oseling Monastery where we were warmly welcomed by the Principal, Chenme Khenpo Gyurme, and the Manager, Lama Lekshey. Mingyur Rinpoche’s mother, Amala, met with us for a delicious lunch after which the group was shown the new buildings under construction. We were also very privileged to meet with Mingyur Rinpoche’s grandfather in his quarters where we received his personal blessings. Before leaving, Dorje Palmo presented offerings at the main temple on behalf of the Yongey Buddhist Center. The offerings were distributed to all the lamas and monks in attendance and others at Tergar Oseling.

While in Kathmandu and the surrounding valley, we visited several Buddhist sites including the famous Swayambhu Stupa (Monkey Temple), the impressive Boudhanath Stupa (reported to be the largest in the world), and also the Mahabuddha Stupa (10,000 Buddhas) in Patan where Dorje Palmo led our group in a butter lamp offering ceremony. We also made pilgrimages to Namo Buddha high up in the mountains and to the village of Pharping to visit the image of the Green Tara and the Asura Cave where Guru Rinpoche once meditated.

As part of our tour we journeyed by air to Lumbini, the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, and visited the sacred garden and beautiful temples and stupas located there. We also made a pilgrimage to the village of Kapilvastu where Prince Siddhartha grew up and lived his early years before becoming the Buddha. While in Lumbini, Mingyur Rinpoche’s mother and grandfather joined our group for dinner before which the grandfather gave a special talk on the importance of practice. This was indeed a rare treat.

Before departing Nepal, our group returned to the Tergar Oseling Monastery and was privileged to dine in the new education hall and participate in a beautiful Mahakala Puja. Following the Puja we were presented with gifts from Mingyur Rinpoche’s mother and grandfather, and also from the monastery. That evening, Dorje Palmo and members of our group hosted a farewell dinner in Boudhanath for Amala and Chimila (Mingyur Rinpoche’s sister-in-law), and for the monastics and staff from Tergar Oseling.

On the return trip home, we were fortunate to spend a day in Bangkok and visit with the family of one of our group members (Jennifer). While there we also visited the Royal Palace and Emerald Buddha, the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, and enjoyed a boat ride on the river.

In appreciation, Dorje Palmo and our tour group: Emily, Patricia, Wendy, Cathy, Agnes, Jennifer, Liu, Michael, Virginia and me (Dwayne) want to acknowledge the wonderful care and attentiveness provided by Chenme Khenpo Gyurme, Lama Lekshey and Ani Rutao at Tergar Oseling Monastery and also our friends, Pradip and Surrendra, who made every effort to ensure our visit to Kathmandu and Nepal was most enjoyable.

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