News About Our Guru Mingyur Rinpoche

Mingyur Rinpoche Dedicates Memorial

We are happy to report on Mingyur Rinpoche’s visit to dedicate the Dorje Palmo Memorial at the Pal Karma Dorje Dzingpa Ling Retreat Land.  Before the dedication, a banquet was held on Sunday, May 8, to welcome Rinpoche’s return after three years of restrictions and lockdowns.  Over 120 students and friends warmly welcomed Rinpoche at the Milpitas Mayflower Restaurant. The next morning, Rinpoche traveled up to Pal Karma Dorje Dzingpa Ling to help the Yongey Buddhist Center staff with the preparations for the dedication event. The weather was cold and rainy but finally cleared.

Early Wednesday, over 100 guests journeyed to the retreat land for the dedication at the Stupa site.  Helping Rinpoche with the dedication services were Tsangsar Tulku, Lama Gyetso, Ani Kunzang, and associate Tashila.

A fire puja was first performed with Rinpoche leading the prayers while everyone circumambulated the Stupa and fed their offerings into the fire.  This was followed by a short ceremony to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the consecration of the Enlightenment Stupa on May 19, 2001.  The original donors and builders of the Stupa were honored and Rinpoche spoke on the importance of this Stupa at the retreat land.

The dedication services for the Dorje Palmo Memorial began with an eulogy to Dorje Palmo (Mei Yen) by her daughter, Robyn.  Husband Dwayne followed with some loving memories and Rinpoche continued with remembrances and appreciation for her many accomplishments.  The consecration ceremony was performed in front of the Dorje Palmo Memorial by the Very Venerable Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche assisted by Tsangsar Tulku and Lamas. As part of the ceremony, Rinpoche led everyone around the Stupa and Memorial while scattering lotus seeds and petals in the wind.  Following the consecration, Dorje Palmo’s remains were interred into the memorial columbarium by son Gordon.

At the close of the services, everyone journeyed over the Enlighten Trail to the main house for a vegetarian lunch. Later in the afternoon, Rinpoche gave a talk in the shrine room on meditation, Amitabha Buddha and the Pure Land.  The events of the day finished with Kata offerings to Rinpoche. 

A special thanks to Mingyur Rinpoche for conducting the dedication ceremonies, to Tsangsar Tulku and Lamas for assisting, to the YBC members and staff for hosting the services, and to the attendees for participating in this momentous event.