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Nubri Kindergarten Teacher Training

We are pleased to report on Mingyur Rinpoche’s project for training kindergarten teachers in the remote Nubri Valley region of the Himalayan Mountains. The teacher training course has been designed by Abiding Heart Education specifically for kindergarten teachers who are currently teaching in the Prok and Samaguan villages in Nubri Valley. Abiding Heart Education is an experiential Buddhist teacher training center located in Kathmandu near Tergar Osel Ling Monastery. The Nubri training course aims to preserve the unique Tibetan Buddhist culture, while introducing transformational and experiential education practices in order to provide a foundation for kindergarten education in the Buddhist Himalayas.

Abiding Heart Education™ fuses Buddhist worldview, meditation and application with Waldorf-inspired education and developmental science to create a unique children’s transformational pedagogy that gives equal weight to the intellectual, affective, and action domains.”

You can click on the links for more information on Abiding Heart Education, the Nubri Kindergartens Teacher Training Project and Abiding Heart’s Scholarship Fund.

The local point of contact on Abiding Heart Education is Kathy Wu who would be happy to explain more about this worthwhile teacher training centre. Kathy can be reached at

If you wish to donate to Abiding Heart Education Teacher Training Scholarship Fund through the Yongey Buddhist Center, please contact Emily Chen at for information and details.


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