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Visit to Tergar Osel Ling

In mid-November Dorje Palmo and her husband, Dwayne, journeyed to Nepal to visit Tergar Osel Ling, our Precious Guru Mingyur Rinpoche’s monastery in Kathmandu.  They were warmly welcomed on their arrival by Khenpo Gyurme who escorted them up to the monastery for their three-day stay.  After recovering from the long trip, they were privileged to visit with Rinpoche’s mother, Amala, and 98-year-old grandfather, Tashi Dorje Rinpoche, in the family quarters.

On Monday Dorje Palmo presented offerings during a break in Puja chanting on behalf of the Yongey Buddhist Center.  The offerings were distributed to all the lamas and monks in attendance and others at the Monastery.  In addition, two hundred butter lamps were lit for our precious guru’s good health and longevity and also for world peace.  Afterwards, Dorje Palmo and Dwayne viewed the area where the Main Temple had been torn down (due to last year’s quake) and learned of plans for rebuilding next year.

Another highlight was a visit to the Great Stupa in Boudhanath which sustained extensive damages in last year’s quake.  The Stupa just recently completed repairs and preparations were underway for a three-day purification ceremony in celebration of the restoration.  A visit was also made to the Mahabuddha Temple in Patan (Ten-Thousand Buddha Stupa) to view the repair efforts and meet with the reconstruction committee.  This temple was severely damaged by the quake and will take several years to repair.  Dorje Palmo made donations on behalf of the Yongey Buddhist Center to support the temple repairs and reconstruction.  Butter lamps were also lit at the Temple to benefit all sentiment beings and for world peace.

On Wednesday evening before departure, Dorje Palmo was fortunate to meet with our Guru Mingyur Rinpoche who had just returned from Shereb Ling Monastery to participate in the upcoming purification ceremony at Boudhanath.  Dorje Palmo discussed with Rinpoche the Center’s plans and activities and sought his advice. While there they were privileged to have dinner with Rinpoche and family including older brother Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

In appreciation, Dorje Palmo wants to acknowledge the wonderful care and attentiveness provided by Khenpo Gyurme and Lama Lekshey at the monastery and also old friends Pradeep and Surrendra (28 years) who made every effort to ensure their visit was most enjoyable.

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