News About Our Guru Mingyur Rinpoche

Meeting with Rinpoche

In early December, Dorje Palmo and her husband, Dwayne, journeyed to Nepal to meet with our precious Guru, Mingyur Rinpoche, at the Tergar Osel Ling Monastery. They were warmly welcomed on their arrival and spent several days visiting with Rinpoche and the Lamas at the monastery. Rinpoche was conducting a special 10 day Guru Rinpoche Puja during this time so visits were held in the evenings and during lunchtime. Dorje Palmo discussed with Rinpoche the Center’s plans and activities and sought his advice. While there they were privileged to visit with Rinpoche’s mother, Amala, and visit his 98 year old grandfather in the family quarters.

During the Friday session of the Guru Rinpoche Puja, Dorje Palmo presented offerings on behalf of the Yongey Buddhist Center. The offerings were distributed to all the lamas and monks in attendance and others at the Monastery. Afterwards they toured the monastery grounds and viewed the damages caused by the recent quake. The newer buildings sustained only minor damage which has mostly been repaired. Unfortunately, the main Temple building cannot be repaired and will be replaced with a new Temple in the future.

Another highlight was a visit to the Ten Thousand Buddha Stupa in Patton to view the damages there and meet with the reconstruction committee. This temple was severely damaged by the quake and will take several years to repair. Dorje Palmo made donations on behalf of the Yongey Buddhist Center to support the temple repairs and reconstruction.

In appreciation, Dorje Palmo wants to acknowledge the wonderful care and attentiveness provided by Rinpoche and staff at the monastery; and also her friends, Pradip and Surrendra, and their families who made every effort to ensure their visit was most enjoyable.

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