Category: Recent Events

Yongey Buddhist Center Picnic

The annual Yongey Buddhist Center picnic was held on June 7th at Ed Levin County Park in Milpitas. The pot luck event was well attended with everyone bringing vegetarian dishes and desserts. The neighbors around the Center were especially welcomed to the picnic and were honored at the […]

Lama Lekshey Visit

Earlier this month the Yongey Buddhist Center was blessed with a visit by Lama Lekshey, who is in charge of the Tergar Osel Ling Monastery in Kathmandu.  During his stay Lama Lekshey attended the Wednesday evening practice where he answered questions about the recent earthquake and the damages […]

Stupa Anniversary

The 14th Anniversary of the Enlightenment Stupa was celebrated on May 24th at Pal Karma Dorje Dzingpa Ling in Northern California. On this special day dharma brothers/sisters and friends gathered at the stupa site to commemorate the building of the Stupa and to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday.  A […]

Guru Rinpoche Tsok and Retreat

A Guru Rinpoche Tsok and food offering was celebrated on February 28th with a chanting of the Guru Rinpoche Mantra and Sutra.  This practice is held every month at the Center followed by a pot-luck vegetarian lunch. Dorje Palmo also led a Medicine Buddha and Meditation Retreat over […]

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year was celebrated at the Center this year with a chanting of the Medicine Buddha Sutra followed by an Animal Release of earth worms in the nearby park. A pot luck lunch of delicious vegetarian dishes was later served to everyone participating in the holiday event.

Visit to Tergar Osel Ling

In late January, Dorje Palmo and her husband, Dwayne, journeyed to Nepal to visit Tergar Osel Ling, Mingyur Rinpoche’s monastery in Kathmandu. They were warmly welcomed by General Manager Lama Lekshey and provided accommodations in the new guest rooms at the monastery. Mingyur Rinpoche’s mother, Amala, also greeted […]

New York Branch Visit

Dorje Palmo visited the New York Branch in Flushing during the second weekend of January.  During the Sunday meeting Dorje Palmo continued explaining the importance of receiving Empowerments and the procedures to follow including visualization techniques.   A vegetarian pot luck lunch was later enjoyed by everyone.

Amitabha Buddha Birthday

Amitabha Buddha’s birthday was celebrated at the Center this year with a chanting of the Amitabha Buddha Sutra and the recitation of the Amitabha Buddha Mantra.  The Sutra chanting was followed by an Animal Release of earth worms in the nearby park. A pot luck lunch of delicious […]

2014 Christmas Party

The Yongey Buddhist Center’s annual Christmas party was held on December 25th at the Center in Milpitas.   Dharma Students and friends celebrated the joyful holiday season over delicious food and with great company. Thank you for coming!  

Medicine Buddha and Meditation Retreat

Dorje Palmo led a Medicine Buddha and Meditation Retreat at the Center over the weekend of  November 8 – 9. This was a follow on to previous Medicine Buddha retreats held earlier this year where Dharma students practiced meditation and visualization of the Medicine Buddha. Everyone appreciated the group […]